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I know I haven't been updating the blog for months, but I don't really feel like blogging now.
There are thousands of music blogs and WOM isn't that special. You can find new music anywhere else.
Nowadays I just don't feel like blogging, I don't think I can make a special and interesting blog, that's why I haven't posted anything lately.
And in August my Myspace account was hacked and I made a new one, but I was lazy to find all of my friends again. And Myspace was one of my favorite sources of new music.

So the blog will be on hiatus and if I have a good idea to make it special, then I'll continue blogging. But I don't promise anything.

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Many songs have leaked from Michelle's 3rd solo album, so I thought I'd write a preview.

I won't post the songs, you can find them on the net if you want them! ;-)
The album will come out in October.

1. Unexpected Intro

2. Hello Heartbreak
It's a dance-pop track, I don't really feel it...

3. We Break the Dawn
The 1st single. Hot track, but not the best I've ever heard.

4. Lucky Girl
Another uptempo song. A pop track, isn't the best, but pretty good.

5. The Greatest
The official 2nd single. Amazing song! Mid-tempo track, simply beautiful!

6. Til the End of the World
Similar to Hello Heartbreak... I don't like it.

7. Private Party
I don't really like this song... another uptempo europop-ish song.

8. Hungover
A party track! I love the beat! It's a good song.

9. We Break the Dawn, Part 2 [a.k.a. DJ Montay Remix]" (featuring Flo Rida)
Hotter than the original! I love this remix very much!

10. Stop This Car
I haven't heard the full song, but I love the clip that I have. A nice mid-tempo R&B track!

11. Unexpected
The tilte song. I love it's vibe! The full track has just leaked and I love it.
It's a mid-tempo pop track.

12. Thank U
It hasn't leaked yet, but I really hope that it's a song, not just an interlude or a "thank you message" for the fans.

13. Too Young for Love 
I haven't heard it yet. I hope it's an R&B song.

14. Hello Heartbreak (Lost Daze Deep Inside Mix)
15. We Break The Dawn" (Karmatronic Remix Radio Edit)

 I don't know whether these remixes have leaked or not, but I don't really care 'bout them, because I hate dance remixes very much...

I can't wait to hear the full album! I love many tracks, but I don't like that europop influence...


Ricki-Lee is an Australian R&B and pop singer. She was an Idol contestant and a member of the Young Divas. Wiggle It is the 1st single from her upcoming 3rd studio album. It's a hot club banger. Enjoy!

Wiggle It - Ricki-Lee


Here's an another new track by Solange Knowles, and it's hot! I don't really like her recently leaked track, "I Decided" is very weird, but this track is really good! She sounds very good.

T.O.N.Y - Solange


Here are some new promo pictures for Keri's debut album. I like them.

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Here are two HQ promo pics of Karina, and the official tracklisting of her album.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Don't forget that her debut album, "First Love" drops on August 19! Here's the official tracklisting:

1. 90's Baby
Karina told me that it was an uptempo track. I can't wait to hear it!
"I have a song on my album called 90's Baby and its a up tempo song, its a real dope song the drums on it is crazy so look out for that as well"

2. Baby, Baby featuring Lil Mama
Another uptempo track, that we've already heard. I really like it.

3. Can't Find The Words
A beautiful ballad, the 2nd single. The video'll premier next week!!!

4. 16 @ War
The 1st single, a mid-tempo song with great lyrics, I love it very much. The video is out already.

5. Winner
A nice ballad. She sounds amazing on it!

6. Can You Handle It
I don't know anything by this track, it'll be a surprise for me when the album comes out! :D

7. The Love We Got
A clip of the song can be heard on Karina's site. It's a slow track, very catchy. I love it.
"I love him, he loves me, and this is how love should be
I'm down for the love that he got that he got..."

8. They Ain't Gotta Love You
I haven't heard it yet.

9. Slow Motion
A nice ballad, very slow, very soulful and emotional. Not my favorite track, but still beautiful.

10. Can't Bring Me Down
Another ballad. It isn't my favorite either, but she sounds really good!

11. First Love
You can find live recordings of this song on YouTube. It's a ballad about Karina's first love: music!

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F*uck The Industry (Signed Sincerely) - Solange
I don't really like Solange's new tracks, but this one sounds really hot! It'll be on her mixtape, not on her new album. It samples a Kanye West track. Solo's voice has improved a lot!

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This album was released 7 years ago, in 2001. It's Mikaila's only album since then. It's similar to Christina Aguilera's debut album. It's full of nice teen-pop tracks and Mikaila has a very good voice.

I'm not a big fan of pop, and teen-pop isn't my favorite at all, but if the singer's voice is good, I might like it. Mikaila sounds really good on the tracks, she's very talented, she could sing R&B as well IMO.
The only hit song by her was So in Love With Two, that isn't the best track on the album, but I like it. I think I've heard it back then when it came out, but I'm not sure...
The 2nd track is and uptempo song as well, Forever, for Always, for You is slow, and it reminds me of Christina Aguilera's early ballads. Playground is a catchy uptempo pop track. The other songs are good as well.
My favorite track is Emotional, that I've heard by Swedish singer, Agnes first, who covered it in 2005. I love that track by both girls.
There's only one problem with this album. The songs are very similar, and it makes it a bit boring.
I don't know what happened to Mikaila, but word is that she's gonna be back to the music industry and release an album in 2009! I hope it's true! She was only 14 when this album came out, and she sounded great back then.

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Mikaila - Mikaila


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